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Enterprise License

Enterprise licenses provide unlimited use in a company, regardless of the number of administrators, locations, offices or computers. Most of our corporate users choose this option as it makes it easy to cover new locations and not have to worry about tracking license uses. The Enterprise license enables you to use SysCompare where ever you want in your organization without tracking licenses, locations or adjusting budgets to accommodate future locations.

Per-Site License

A Per-Site license allows you to use as many copies of SysCompare Pro for your Administrators, provided they are all located in one physical location (building or campus). If the Administrators are in a different location from the computers/servers you will be comparing, a per-site license is required for each physical location.

Software Assurance

Software Assurance provides you with protection for your SysCompare software product licenses. At the time of your purchase, or within 30 days of your purchase, you may choose to add the Software Assurance option to your license. After 30 days, you will be unable to add this option except during other license purchase transactions. The Software Assurance option is valid for one year and you would be reminded approximately 30-45 days prior to the end of your contract to renew. Download the Software Assurance Glossy for more details.


  • Free updates in the current SysCompare Pro product line for which you purchased (4.x, 5.x, etc)
  • Free upgrades to future SysCompare Pro releases
  • Unlimited Priority Email Support. Please be sure your email originates from your corporate email address or specify in your email your company for priority handling.
  • Priority Software Questions/Issue Processing and Response.
  • Telephone support with Priority Handling and Response Time.
  • Priority Feature requests and Design Change Request process
  • Real-time online remote troubleshooting and support
  • Rapid hotfix and patch release program


Purchase Methods

Online Purchase Via Credit Card
Online Purchase Via Paypal
Corporate Purchase Order
Phone Orders
Company Check

Free Upgrades

Current Software Assurance customers are eligible for FREE upgrades. Contact us for details today!

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