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SysCompare Editions

MTM Software SysCompare Editions

SysCompare Pro

SysCompare Pro is the Enterprise edition of the SysCompare product family. It is designed for all sizes of businesses, auditing needs and consulting organizations. SysCompare Pro provides advanced configuration compliance. SysCompare Pro can scan an unlimited number of computers and offers an extension set of features and abilities beyond the LITE edition. SysCompare Pro provides an advanced set of configuration comparison categories. The category list below represents the most extensive configuration reporting needs for enterprise customers.

Powerful features such as IIS Configuration comparisons, custom file system comparisons, registry and WMI custom queries and bulk scanning options enable organizations to quickly find the information they are looking for. No other tool offers the ability to not only scan all these categories, but also compare it against any number of other computers, baseline images or environments.

SysCompare LITE

SysCompare Lite is the entry level edition of the SysCompare product family. It is designed for small businesses, lab environments and provides a basic configuration compliance. SysCompare Lite can scan up to 3 computers, either on a network, or even the same machine scanned at two different time periods. It has a limited set of features enabled.

Feature Comparison

Category Description SysCompare LITE SysCompare PRO
smallserver Comparable Computers checked checked
sysinfo System Info checked checked
processors Processors checked checked
memory Memory checked checked
usb Plug and Play Devices checked checked
network Network Adapters checked checked
disk Hard Drives checked checked
printers Printers checked checked
os Operating System checked checked
pagefile Page Files checked checked
variables Environment Variables checked checked
shares Shared Files and Folders checked checked
processes Running Processes checked checked
unsigned Unsigned Drivers checked checked
startupapps Startup Applications and Tasks checked checked
debug Windows Debug Configuration checked checked
serverfeatures Windows Server Features checked checked
optfeatures Windows Optional Features checked checked
groups Local Computer User Group Membership checked checked
updates Patches and Hot Fixes unchecked checked
registereddlls Registered DLLs unchecked checked
gpo Active Directory Group Policy unchecked checked
services Services unchecked checked
drivers Drivers unchecked checked
apps Installed Applications unchecked checked
problemdevices Problem Devices unchecked checked
iis Internet Information Server (IIS) Configuration unchecked checked
wmi Custom WMI Queries unchecked checked
filesystem Custom File System Queries unchecked checked
registry Custom Registry Key Comparisons unchecked checked
experts Configuration Experts unchecked checked
pdf PDF Report Creation unchecked checked
iis Export Results to HTML unchecked checked
bulk Bulk Scanning of Computers unchecked checked
ad Active Directory based Computer Scans unchecked checked
ipscan Scan Computers based on IP Subnet unchecked checked
customdiff Custom Difference Views unchecked checked
autoscan Automatic Scan Refreshes/Monitoring unchecked checked
alerts Email and Event Log Alerting unchecked checked
iis Online Support unchecked checked
phone Phone Support unchecked checked
SA Software Assurance Available unchecked checked
SA Free Software Upgrades (via Software Assurance) unchecked checked

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