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Quickly Find Computer Configuration Differences!

SysCompare is the first of its kind tool to dynamically scan and report on the configuration differences of Microsoft Windows based computers. Unlike other products that inventory and scan computers, SysCompare automatically determines how each computer is configured or installed differently from another. The long tedious task of manually scripting or extracting this information is no longer needed!

SysCompare is designed to work with all versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 95 through to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10! It is also designed to run and scan 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. It is dynamic enough to scan both desktop and server based computers, with features unique to each platform.

SysCompare is the only tool that enables you to quickly scan your network computers for configuration discrepancies, troubleshooting, or comparison against a snap-shot in time scan. It is a great audit compliance tool to ensure all your servers and desktops are patched identically and ensures best practices are followed.

It is an ideal tool for enterprise platforms such as Microsoft Fail-over clusters which are recommended to be configured identically, down to the driver level. Until now, there was no easy way to ensure this level of similarity. SysCompare can scan an 8 node cluster in under 3 minutes and instantaneously report on the differences. The results can be exported to PDF or printed in custom formats. Where else can you find that power?







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