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SysCompare - Detect Computer Configuration Differences

Scan and report on the configuration differences of Microsoft Windows Servers and Desktop computers.

How Can SysCompare Help You?

Server Monitoring and Alerting

Ensure all your servers (SQL, IIS, File Share, Printer, Domain Controller, DHCP, etc...) are running a core set of software, settings, drivers and corporate configuration standards. Through the use of AutoScan, email alerts and event log entries, SysCompare can integrate into corporate monitoring systems to ensure administrators are alerted when configuration deviations have occurred.

Windows Clusters

SysCompare enables cluster administrators to quickly determine if all the nodes in a cluster are identical, running compatible software, drivers and patches per best practices and recommendations. No other solution offers such a quick way of comparing the configuration across all the nodes in a cluster.

Standardized Image (Desired Configuration Management)

Ensure computers are running supported configurations and haven't deviated from a known installation set. SysCompare enables administrators to determine not only which computers aren't running the desired configuration, but also to find which items are out of compliance and create reports and remediation plans.

Development (Staging) Environments

Maintaining consistency between development, staging, testing/user acceptance testing, and production environments can be a tremendous administrative burden. This often leads to environments that are similar only after a large investment to set them up, and over time they diverge as maintenance, tweaks and updates are applied to some systems and not others. SysCompare provides administrators with an easy way to ensure all these environments are similar. This reduces workloads, increases reliability and decreases costs to maintain separate networks.

Troubleshooting / Help Desk

SysCompare is an ideal tool to help administrators and help desk staff identify why users are experiencing issues with their computer. By quickly scanning the users computer and comparing that against a known "good" computer, or even a corporate standard image, administrators can quickly identify possibly configuration, updates, software or other items that could be causing the problem for the user.

Physical to Virtual Migrations

Moving computers from physical hardware to virtual environments creates a level of uncertainty in a migration. SysCompare can be used to verify if all proper software, drivers, updates, shares, and other configurations have been properly migrated to the new computer. This helps to reduce migration failures as well as missing items that could be forgotten about during the migration phase.

IIS Web Servers

New in Version 5, SysCompare Pro includes the ability to scan and compare IIS configuration settings across multiple servers. Ideal for environments with load balanced application and web servers that need to ensure all properties and settings are identical. Reduce troubleshooting and outages by scanning and automatically refreshing comparisons on a regular basis.

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Compare Windows Failover and Compute Cluster Nodes || Verify Corporate Computer Images || Desired Configuration Management || Physical to Virtual Migrations || Compare Development, Staging and Production Computers || Speed Helpdesk Discovery of Configuration Issues || Automated Monitoring and Alerting of Differences

Latest News

Product Announcements

Release of SysCompare 5.0

We are pleased to announce that SysCompare version 5 is now released! It is available on the Downloads page and includes many new features and abilities. Additionally, version 5 will automatically create 14-day evaluation license, so you no longer have to request an eval license

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New Website

Welcome to the new MTM Software website. We are pleased to refresh our website and launch our newly designed logo. Our website is designed to make it easier to find information about SysCompare as well as process and handle purchases online.

Website Announcements

Online Purchases Now Live

We are pleased to announce that along with our new website, we are now able to fully accept orders and payments directly on our website. Our site is now SSL protected and provides secure processing of Credit Card and Paypal orders. Of course you can

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